3L Distribution

Specializing in marketing, sales and delivery of thermoplastic, jute and sisal raw materials to manufacturers of finished products and packaging around the Globe.

Solving complex raw material distribution is exactly what we do. Take a look at some examples of solutions we’ve provided for our customers.

We Solve Supply Chain Issues

Due to growth and market conditions, a large consumer packaging corporation needed to supplement its raw material feedstock of PET post-consumer pellets. 3L Distribution secured over 8 million pounds of resin offshore for the customer, importing and delivering stock to the customer’s manufacturing locations as scheduled, with pricing lower than global markets. We set dependable, long-term distribution arrangements to the benefit of the vendor and our customer. These relationships are powerful, impactful and reliable. No matter how complex, 3L Distribution, Inc. can stream your feedstock needs.

We Find Customers

From its North American-based offices, a very large producer of technical, thermoplastic impact modifiers looks to 3L Distribution, Inc. to discover new applications, fresh markets and new end-use customers. We identify finished product manufacturers of thermoplastic rubber for use in a multitude of compounded and finished part manufacturing. We have secured over a dozen new accounts to the vendor’s benefit, expanding the scope and breath of the network. Today, 3L Distribution maintains a database of over 4,000 purchasers of thermoplastic resin, sisal, jute and burlap. With this strength, our vendors look to 3L Distribution, Inc. to identify and expand opportunity beyond their traditional channels. No matter the location, quantity or type, 3L Distribution, Inc. can help you find new customers.

We Solve Problems

A medium-size injection molder of plastic crates used for industrial applications had monthly shortages of HDPE resin supply. The customer looked to 3L Distribution, Inc. to ensure a 20% increase in reliable month-to-month stream of pellets for its injection machines. We secure the stream from the producer, then ship, pack and deliver the stock to the customer’s door. All on time. All at market, or lower, pricing. When you need a reliable supply of raw material, we can cure your shortage.

We Help Companies Reduce Waste

With the US and Canada importing nearly 30 million bags of green coffee beans annually, the waste stream of burlap, sisal and polypropylene sacks is fairly significant. Since shipping the first trailer of burlap in 2001, Seth and Kyle have developed markets across a wide variety of industrial applications. As a result, we’ve established relationships with some of the largest roasting operations spanning North America and move an estimated 5 million bags annually. Our partnerships help the roasting plants live up to their branded image and zero-waste commitments and help our customers by offering suitable material at very reasonable pricing.